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My Secret Heart

We speak without talking
in the rooms of my mind
You wander the corridors
free from the binds...of having to respond

Ego is a censor
Fear keeps me mute
True are my thoughts
as ripe as soft fruit...waiting to be tasted.

I try to express feelings
but you panic and cringe
So I hold myself back
or stay at the a safe place

In secret places
In the still of night
You draw me out
without the fight...of rejection

Do you know my secret heart?
Do you really hear?
Or do I keep fooling myself
because in brings you near...when you are far away

Have I only ever dreamt you
A mirage or trick of desire
Is it merely an addiction
to what I must feel complete

I think about you often
My first and last thought
every single day
Lessons learned and taught...of value and meaning

Is anyone brave enough to love
the way we do in dreams
Without the agendas
needs or schemes...of everyday life

I sense you know me here
You will never let me know
Only when I leave life
will your feelings show...but only to yourself.

That’s a hard fact to accept
Although, I think it’s true
It seems to be the way
we do the things we do...The secret of me and you.

Copyright Sonya Green 2010

Less Than Nothing
You plunge and twist a dagger
The blood turns brown on your hand
You look out from a tower
Your castle is built on sand.

I’ve tried to give the benefit of doubt
And not to over judge things
Nothing here makes sense at all
Your world of prince and kings

At least that’s what you think of self
Though no one else thinks that
More that you’re an evil man
A dangerous little brat

You destroy lives just for pleasure
A task of joy and ease
Your arrogance and greed
Have become a deep disease

You are such an empty vessel
With skin so green and thick
Causing so much sorrow
Making good men sick

Does anger burn so fiercely
from a frightened little boy
never feeling safe or loved
who learned how to destroy

You are such a bitter taste
When we speak your name
Without ethics or morality
What a crying shame

You will never know what greatness is
No matter what you pretend
Money brings no comfort
Power’s a hollow friend

What goes on in your head
Are you made of only air
How do you sleep at night?
So vacant – you're not there

Copyright Sonya Green 2010
My Secret Heart
Less than Nothing

by Sonya Green
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