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He sits with his blackdog
Alone and so blue
Feeling so swallowed
By nothing to do

Have you ever been so lonely
It eats through your bone
But try as you do
you cant pick up a phone

He thinks of his grandma
How she was kind
He asks her to help
In saving his mind

He misses lost friends
Many have gone
Left so alone
He doesn’t belong

As panic arises
He sends out his eyes
Searching for help
Throughout the skies

She wakes in her sleep
Feeling his fear
Wanting to reach
And hold him near

She whispers his name
And misses him so
Wishes him well
Did he ever know?

He fetches his gin
And fills up the glasses
Sits in the dark
Hoping it passes

At best he feels nothing
Legless and numb
He curses at life
And what he’s become

He plays with the past
as a small wounded boy
And feels so cheated
Of love and of joy

Have I always been angry
Was it always this tough
He can not remember
Being loved enough

He thinks about her
And years long gone
So far away
In a place to belong

He has always believed
That if she came near
She’d hold his face
And taste his tear

She’ll never know
And he’ll never tell
Of living through
These nights of hell

If she really loved me
She’d feel my pain
And come to me
In nights of rain

He would hide is she did
And act cool and light
Turn her away
And say he’s alright

When you feel this lonely
Alone is what you need
Sitting with the blackdog
A hungry beast to feed.

Copyright Sonya Green 2010

Senseless Wars
Wars are never won
They only cease to continue
Not by bearing arms
But what comes up within you

Soldiers don’t find peace
It’s the poet and the song
Great thinkers feeling deeply
Seeing past what’s wrong

Hatred is a misused word
Ignorance is more the truth
We fight against the enemy
By sacrificing our youth

We shape their minds
And talk about the greater cause
Leaving them bleeding
On far distance shores

We celebrate them home
Avoiding their cold eyes
Eyes that saw too much
Hearts forced to believe in lies

Death is not a matter of breath
It's not an absent heart beat
The soul can leave at any time
Lack of life - the real defeat

Friendly fire kills and maims
Who do we try to kid?
Lights in the sky
can’t hide what we did

What about the older men
Who fought in times before
Forgotten and discarded
Making room for more

Celebrities for fifteen minutes
Making reality shows
Is that our value of life?
Is that the way it goes?

Music has more power
In finding common ground
More than “friendly fire”
Effectively more sound

It’s land or oil and profit
It’s power and it’s greed
Let’s not deceive ourselves
And claim a man’s been freed

If we really fought for human rights
What about the poor?
Will we ever give them water
Will we give them more?

We’re seen to give our charity
But keep them to our debt
It’s all about equality
Would you like to place a bet?

We complain about obesity
That’s our usual share
Talking about world events
About what we think is fair

A lion is the king of beasts
He is the one who fights
He doesn’t send his children
To defend his so called rights

Wouldn’t it be wonderful
if the leaders of the earth
started on the frontline
and really showed their worth.

An Indian arm wrestle
Would settle many scores
A much better solution
To our senseless wars.

Copyright Sonya Green 2010
The Blackdog Blues
Senseless Wars
by Sonya Green
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