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To End my Days with You

He said my toe had no smell
It was the same smell as his own
Love is basic science, it’s
The scent of a pheromone

A subtle force of nature
A drug to beast and man
A calling to our destiny
To fulfil a master plan

He claimed he was afraid to love
He’d forgotten how to feel
It reminded him of times gone by
When love seem much more real

I'm feeling very young tonight
Of you I really care
I couldn’t say I love you
Of that I wouldn’t dare

Your skin feels like a Dugong
He said without finesse
I’d like to ask a favour
Let me watch as you undress.

My body feels so old and worn
The years were cruel and long
But tonight I feel so powerful
My desire is very strong

If I could feel your warmth tonight
To talk and hear you laugh
We’d close all time and distance
And travel back that path

You were my lover long ago
I remember it so well
I called out to you so often
To get me through that hell

I always knew we’d meet again
But never quite this way
All the years have disappeared
It feels like yesterday

Yes, I really love you
Too afraid to say it’s true
I have come back home again
To end my days with you.

Copyright Sonya Green 2010

Richard Forbes the Duck

Richard Forbes was the name I gave
To a duck I kept as a pet.
That’s a drakes name, you know
Said a turtle, who I had never met.

Ducks lay eggs and drakes do not
Although they look the same
Who would care, I thought to myself
It’s only a matter of name.

Boys are boys and girls are girls
You have to get that right
Baby ducks are yellow
Big ones are brown or white.

Will we judge them by their colour
Or if they are short or tall
I don’t believe the difference
Matters much at all.

A fabled goose laid eggs of gold
Much to everyone’s pleasure
No one thought that that was wrong
So, money changed the measure?

We think of things as good and bad
We judge things right and wrong
Shouldn’t life be equal?
Don’t we all belong?

Richard Forbes knew this for sure:
A name is just a word
What lies within the heart of man
Is waiting to be heard.
Sonya Green 2010

When we embrace our difference
When we look deep within
We’ll see ourselves in others
And, that’s the best place to begin

Well, I figure,
If you can't find the fun, look for the beauty, if you can't find that, look for
the humour, if you can't find that, look for the lesson, if you can't find that,
look for the cause and if you cant's find that ....Look away.
Sonya Green

Domestic Abuse
He stole her life at the alter of dreams,
No one heard the silent screams
Justified in the name of love
Heavy blows and offhand shove
Hateful words surround her bed
Bled naked by the things he said
They wondered if she’d gone insane
The day she ended all that pain
Life and love was what she feared
In increments she disappeared.

Copyright Sonya Green
To End My Days with You
Forbes the Duck
Domestic Abuse
by Sonya Green
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