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Healing Meditation – An Inside View

Within most of us is a deep and compelling need or desire to do better,
feel better and be better. There are so many roads to travel in our quest
to find ourselves, change ourselves or improve ourselves. Some may
ponder life’s great questions from within their own minds, whilst others
may go in search of knowledge or experience. Many take a practical
approach and look at education or the development of talents and
techniques. There are many books and courses on things related to
personal growth. We may find ourselves writing down our goals and
charting our accomplishments. Often, the focus is on such things as
motivation, self esteem, relationship issues, breaking or creating habits
or getting fit and healthy. Personal growth is often about becoming more
successful or improving career and financial issues.

At some point, during the personal growth adventure, everyone comes to
the realization that the thinking behind the behaviour must be explored.
For many people this is their first experience with changing from a
conscious thinking mode and probing a little deeper into the subtleties of
the sub-conscious.

Of course, I have come across many people who say things like, “Oh, I’m
not into all that psycho babble, all that emotional stuff is for girls! You just
get up each day, do an honest day’s work and get on with it. You are
born, you live and you die. Some are lucky, some are not and you just
take the hand that you were dealt.”

The exploration goes so much deeper, and for many, it can be an on
going work of art.
By exploring our behavioural patterns, sub-conscious beliefs and/or
trying to unravel childhood conditioning, we begin to practice quiet
reflection and stillness.  We become more aware of changes on a deeper
level. Perhaps, this is viewed as a subtle shift in energy or a greater
awareness of intuition.

We begin to move away from intellectual information in search of innate
wisdom, higher knowledge or at the very least, a deeper understanding
of our authentic selves. This, for many people, will be their initial
introduction to meditation.

Some people believe that meditation is the physical mind communicating
with the spiritual. Some will explain it as communicating with God. Others
may believe that they are entering a realm of enlightenment or that it may
be a language between conscious and sub-conscious minds.

Personally, I don’t really care about who, how or why. I think whatever
feels comfortable for each individual is fine. Quite often you will find that
you change your perceptions and opinions along the way. People like to
make simple things complicated. Often people like to argue for the sake
of thinking that they are right.

Using visual images and or dialogue during a meditative state creates
communication with either the sub-conscious mind or our higher
intelligence. Who and/or what, is decided by your own belief system.
After a short time of practicing meditation and experiencing the deep
sense of peace and well-being which results, it is almost impossible to not
want to go further and deeper into it. Meditation can quickly become a
habit. Many people will go on to use it in many different ways.

Initially it may just be a relaxation tool. With regular practice, the powerful
changes which occur deep within the spirit become irresistible forces,
gently enticing us to seek deeper or more expansive experiences.

At some point, everyone experiences a deep sense of their own personal
energy. We become intrigued with the nature of that energy
understanding that we have the ability to balance ourselves at a core
level. We then know that we are capable of healing ourselves from within.

All meditations require that your body is relaxed and comfortable and that
your mind is still and internally focused. You do not need to shave your
head, wear robes, chant “om,” burn incense and candles or sit in a lotus

If you are doing a healing meditation on yourself, you will probably find
that lying on your bed is the most comfortable place. Mornings are often
the best times as you are less likely to be tired after a nights sleep. As
meditation requires you to become deeply relaxed, you may find that you
will fall asleep too easily if you are tired.

How you use meditation is determined by your intention. The basic
principles are always the same: a relaxed body and internally focused
mind. There are many different uses for meditation and many different
experiences. Although you may have self-healing as your intention, you
will find that each meditation is a new experience.

If you have never meditated before you may feel a little apprehensive or
perhaps unsure that you are doing it right. Rather than go into lengthy
explanations and instructions, which may or may not apply to your
experiences, I will try to describe to you what one of my meditations is like
from an inside viewpoint.

Healing Meditation
I stretch and relax my body then settle comfortably lying on my bed on my
back. I breathe deeply and slowly and tune my awareness into watching
the inhalations and exhalations moving through my body. I remind myself
to detach my awareness from all external influences and encourage
myself to float and drift peacefully downwards into a deeper state of
relaxation. It is just a casual observation of my breath and the serenity,
which flows through me.

I then direct my focus to the base of my spine. (Base Chakra) After a
short time, I become aware of a slight pulsation, which indicates that this
area is now open and freely flowing with energy. The base chakra is
associated with security. A lack of free flowing energy here would indicate
to me that I was holding tension here, meaning that I was feeling insecure
or unsupported.

I imagine a thick, strong, golden cord running from the base of my spine
down deep into the centre of the earth and grounding me. This gives me
a sense of belonging in my space on the earth and also of being
securely held and supported. I then run another cord from the base of
my spine down through my legs and then out through the soles of my
feet. This is an additional grounding cord and also anchors me. I watch in
a detached manner as energy rises along the cords and I can physically
feel energy waves, gently and pleasantly, swirling around my pelvic area.

I affirm to myself, “I am safe, supported, secure and protected. I am
physically and materially provided for and all of my needs are met, easily
and effortlessly”.

My attention now lifts to my third eye; this is the screen of my mind. I look
slightly upwards towards the inside of my forehead above and behind my
eyebrows. I ask the question, “What do I most need to see, know, feel or
do right now?” It’s tempting to keep asking, but I know that stillness is
required and listening is essential. It takes a moment for the fluttering
and blurred fragments to focus into clear images. My senses seem to
probe, shift and adjust, trying to hook into a strong sensation.

I begin to see images of myself and sense that the theme is about issues
that I have with money. I ask what it is that I need to understand here. I
sense/hear the words ‘debt consciousness’. Images of debt, financial lack
and money struggles play out on my screen. I see myself years earlier
having my car repossessed, being evicted, borrowing and stealing,
stressed, embarrassed, resentful, frustrated and angry.

The images go back into childhood issues, many things long forgotten,
but now playing across my mind. I see myself on a running machine. I run
faster and faster but still I get no further ahead. I see a calendar with
pages tearing away and years racing by. The calendar has all the pages
marked with numbers and due dates.

The images play like a short movie or photographs of my life.

I then see a box and rolls of video film are placed inside it. The box lifts
and then spirals downwards. I watch it falls quickly and deeply down into
the centre of the earth. Fire swallows the box and an ever so slight wisp
of smoke rises to confirm to me that the box and all its contents have
been destroyed.

My attention is now drawn back to the base of my spine. I notice long
white tentacles emanating outwards in all directions. The tentacles seem
to be white ribbons but then I realize that they are fluid beams of white
light. As I watch, I notice that the lights are searching the world, the
Universe and beyond. I become aware that the light is seeking and
finding good fortune, gifts, windfalls, inheritances, generosity, ideas,
success and abundance. Money symbols like dollar signs, coins and
dollar notes slide easily and quickly along the shafts of light and fall into
the base of my spine.

My pelvic area feels like it is expanding. I notice multi-coloured lights
flickering and waves of cloudy energy forms swirling around inside me.
Golden stars shoot around and out of me. I feel light, energized and
peaceful. I am pulsating and expanding, feeling lighter and lighter.

The energy rises into the second chakra. I watch fascinated as a clear
glass looking funnel rises from me and extends into infinity. Thick, fluid
light is being poured into the funnel and enters my body, swirling around,
feeling warm and slightly vibrating within me. I become weightless and
feel as if I am floating blissfully on air.

Faces of past lovers and friends come into focus and then drift by. They
return pieces of me that they have been holding and I notice fragments
lift from me and return to them. I’m not sure what this exchange is, but as
I wonder about this, my intuition answers, “We are letting go and moving
on”. This is done with gratitude and love. We all keep what has been
given and meant to be kept, but we let go of the attachments to each
other which may have been holding us back.

As the energy around my second chakra becomes stronger and freer I
find my body responding with a sense of sexual arousal. It’s very nice,
but I know that if I focus on this I will become tempted to allow myself to
be seduced by it. I have learned through experience that by lifting my
attention into the third chakra, the arousal energy will become spiritual
energy and physical vitality.

I sense and see what looks a little like The Milky Way expanding
throughout my solar plexus; twinkling, gold and silver particles and wispy
cloudy light, with floating and spiralling coloured strings, gentle
movement and a slight humming sensation. This reminds me of looking
through a microscope or perhaps a kaleidoscope. This is too hard to
describe as nothing else is similar enough to make a comparison. There
are colours and shapes that don’t exist in my present reality.

I notice a beam of light like a spotlight, searching out dark or congested
pockets within the area. I am scanning my stomach, kidneys, liver and
digestive system. I physically feel a lot of movement and hear my
stomach growl. There is a feeling of effervescence like champagne
bubbles rising within me. An ever so slight nauseous feeling washes over
my solar plexus, but before I can ask if I am not well, I realize that there is
a lifting and freeing of emotional blockage in progress.

Feeling reassured, I relax and observe what seems like a magnifying
glass being held over varying shapes of dark energy patterns. Words like
criticism, resentment, worry and insecurity come to my mind. The dark
shapes become lighter and appear to be hit with a laser beam. This lifts
the patterns like some kind of vapour which then disappears. It’s
impossible to describe this accurately, but I found it really interesting to
view emotions and feelings as textures, colours and shapes.

I move my hands and rest them over my heart as I will the energy to rise
again and enter the heart area. I can physically feel my heart beating
under my hands. I instruct my hands to send warmth and healing light
into my heart. It takes a moment, but then I notice my heart beat slowing
down. Very subtle waves of movement are spreading throughout my
chest and up into my shoulders. My hands can feel this movement and
my heart, lungs, back and shoulder muscles become expanded and
lighter. There are two or three very strong streams of movement racing
down through my body and out through my feet. It feels like a drain being
unblocked as my whole body takes up this surge of lightness and
effervescence. I feel a sense of excitement but it is also profoundly calm
and serene at the same time.

Copyright Sonya Green

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