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emails received.

No one has been asked to write a review but everyone has
been asked for permission to publish their comments.
I have spent many years and thousands of dollars on therapy, books, workshops etc but it was only
this morning that "I finally got it" I came out of your meditation feeling for the first time in my life that
it is possible to really love myself. Sonya, I must have known you in a past life. You have touched
me and truly connected with me.

Recent Customer Reviews (iTunes)
The most relaxing CD I've listened to...
I got the Reinventing CD and have found it to be one of the only of many relaxation CDs that
*actually* works, and truly relaxes me. The sound of her voice is so pure and clear.
I suffer insomnia and stress a lot, there are nights where if I didn't listen to this I doubt I'd ever relax
enough to fall asleep. Most of the time, I don't even get to the middle or even the end of it before I
am relaxed and off to sleep. I have it on my laptop, and on my iPhone. Normally, I have the laptop
on a stool next to the bed, turn on the visualizer and just let it play with a lovely screen that warms
up the room with a soft light.
I would recommend this to anyone who truly wants to know what it is like to be completely "taken
away" and relaxed to the point of sleep.
It is not a wordy CD, nothing to make you "think", only soft lulling words that put you into a place
that removes all stress and allows deep relaxation.
I don't know what I'd do without it...
She has two and I own both. I also own her book, and it has been stolen (borrowed) so many
times, I've had to get three to replace the original.

My Favorite!!!
author: Karen S (CDbaby)
I'm always delighted when I listen to this wonderful healing CD. It's like a warm hug of comfort and
optimism. This is my favorite of all my healing and relaxation CDs, and I have quite a few! So
soothing and uplifting that it dispels any sadness or anxiety I might feel. I love falling asleep with it.
Sonya's voice and words are exceptionally awesome!

Each time i do that dolphin meditation i am surprised at what comes up. I have wasted so much time
and energy trying to get things or to make things happen. it never occurred to me to ask myself what
i really want. its all so simple, just trusting my inner voice...
Ive always been frustrated and fascinated with meditation. I have never been able to make my mind
go still and usually I Don't see images. Yours is the first meditation that had me focused the entire
As a survivor of childhood incest I have struggled to trust and I have struggled to love. I have
especially struggled to love and accept myself. The third track on your CD has finally allowed me to
revisit and forgive.
Is it normal to vibrate during meditation? Its very pleasant and I feel really good but Ive never
experienced that before...
(reply: It's just your energy becoming unblocked. Some people feel a
vibration; others feel warmth or coolness, a slight tingling sensation or just a great sense of
well-being. Many people see colours.)

Hi Sonya I have just then had the privilege of browsing your site more thoroughly.  What a brilliant
site........fabulous info etc.  What a divine woman you must be!!!
M and L

Dear Sonya
I have just been checking out your website and had tears trickling down my face as I read the
article on Absent Parents - it brings another perspective and inspiration for action for me in regard
my relationship with my father.  As a single parent, I also forwarded a copy of it to the father of my
I was impressed by what I saw on your website and I feel our values are strongly aligned.  My
commitment with my own work is to support and empower others to create the life they  want (to
reinvent themselves maybe).
I could not find any information about you.  Did I miss something on the website?  I am interested in
knowing more about you personally.

With kind regards, love and light
D J (Dear DJ I have now included a small background on the contact page)

Dear Sonya,
wow what a CD, played it for a few people, its very powerful, I bawled my eyes out on the last
one, what an amazing healing, God has blessed you. Anyway am playing the CD for another healer
today. Have a magical day, will email you what I do soon.  Take care, thank you for helping my
son. luv and hugs
D. L.  Your voice is so healing xoxoxo

Hi Sonya.
Have just ordered a tape from you and looking at your website as I have been very close to the
"black hole" was with the Brahma Kumaris for 4 years and felt so much better then I lost my way
again have just returned to meditation and classes with them it is a way of life and now I feel it is the
only way for me I am 62 years old I too have RA and not kind to myself have printed out 'your life'
and will sit and read in a quite spot. Many thanks finding your site at this time I am  hoping the new
year will see much better health and less stress.........

Dear Sonya
I entered reinvent myself in google and found you! I was blown away - esp. the link on soul mates. I
have made repeated mistakes choosing the men I did in my life. Now, at 51, I am alone.
I need to love me ... not sure how, but I will certainly reread your site several times, hoping
something will click -  I know you are right about all that you have written ... but knowing and doing
are different.

Thank you ... whoever you are .... for your site. I have been told over and over that I am talented
and beautiful...but moments in my past ( childhood ) have become like steel albatrosses around my
neck all these years. I must break the chains .... slowly

Hope to hear from you ........... again my thanks....

what a joy
Reviewer: lynne dean
Just a quick note to let you know how thrilled I am with your CD. At first I felt a little sceptical but
now Ive been playing it on a daily basis my friends and family all tell me how happier and peaceful I
seem. I cant thank you enough. You came into my life at exactly the right time. What a Godsend.
Many Blessings.

I loved this CD
Reviewer: marilyn wright
I loved this CD. I found it to be different to others Ive listened to. I especially loved the healing
meditation. I found this deeply relaxing and yet energising. Ive experienced many healing benefits so
I know its doing me good.

Perfect for Yoga and Reiki
Reviewer: Gemma Lee
One of my pupils gave me this CD a few months ago and suggested it for use in my Yoga classes.
After playing the Dolphin Meditation I had 14 people ask me to get them a copy. Sonya has
managed to include all aspects of healing the mind body and spirit and the pace and music allows
time for strong visual images to surface. Everytime I play this meditation I come away feeling

Bless you,
Jeff L. (San Diego, CA)
I just bought your meditations
They are the best produced and most effective guided meditations I have ever heard. Your voice is
so soothing and healing. I was transported immediately by all 3 (I have been meditating for quite
awhile so that helps too!!  Anyway, just wanted to say thanks.

Hi Sonya,thank you for putting this CD on E-bay. I have so many meditation,visualisation, (you
name it...) CD's but this one is by all means the best,
warm regards

Hi Sonya,
I received your CD in the mail the other day. I have been receiving much benefit from it all ready. It
really is helping me lift my self esteem and spirits. The content on your website is amazing. There is
so much helpful info, that seems to make so much sense for me. I just felt compelled to let you
know how much good and healing, you are making available to me and no doubt many others.
I really feel I need to express my gratitude for the help you are providing to me.
Thank you so much…………...

I ordered your other CD.. I am enjoying the other one so much.... and I do feel that you are
excellent at what you do. Your guided visualizations are sensitively written, and very peacefully and
clearly delivered... a real pleasure....

Hello Sonya,

Well, I have to say, the "Self-Healing with Creative Visualization' is EXCELLENT. Thank you SO
much. You are doing exactly what you 'should' be doing.... good for you.... wonderful things
happen when a person is aligned with what they are here to do ......I so appreciate letting someone
else take me on a guided journey...... and you do a beautiful job.I am so glad we 'met'..... thank you.

...I am looking so forward to this cd.  The reinventing myself cd is truly amazing and touching.  
Words cannot describe it.  I love to give credit where credit is due and you really did a wonderful
job on it.  I have been into creative visualization for about nine years and everyone i know doesn't
have the slightest idea what it is.  When I tell people i meditate to help my state of health whether it
be physical, mental or spiritual, they think I'm nuts.  If people only knew how wonderful it is!  I will
definitely recommend your cd to my family and friends.  Hopefully they will give it a chance. I know
it would convert them!!  Just want to say thank you for the help and healing it has already brought
M.L. your site … you offer such inspiring comments, that come from deep inside…thank you for
sharing with us…and your cd”s are worth their weight in gold… I found them to be fantastic.. and
thoroughly recommend them to other’s cruising your site..look foreward to ‘THE BOOK”….and
other articles to come..
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