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Fear - The Ultimate Weapon part 2.

Previously, I have symbolized fear and worry by giving them identities. So, I
will just bring them back now for another look. They are the Chattering
Monkey, the Barking Dog and the Witch.

The chattering monkey symbolized the constant dialogue which goes on
and on in our heads when we are obsessively worrying. He engages us in a
prolonged and exaggerated drama and reinforces our victim status. The
chattering monkey, as a symbol for fear, demonstrates how we take a
reasonably small fear, compare it to everything that ever happened before,
and clump it all together and exaggerate it. Words like, no one, everyone,
always, never and forever, have this one problem sweeping across our
past, present and future and gathering everyone and everything that ever
hurt or offended us.

The chattering monkey is a master at making big out of little.

The barking dog, I have decided, is a toothless, barking dog. Dogs are
trained to bark. They are hardly ever trained to bite. Barking dogs will scare
you away or stop you in your tracks by the implication that they may bite.
We don’t even need to see the dog; it could be a miniature poodle for all we
know. But, if it barks, we will give it power and control and accept that we
must back away. Symbolically, the barking dog is the reason we don’t do
things that we do want to do or the reason we do things that we don’t want
to do. Peer pressure can be a barking dog. Shyness or insecurity, fear of
being rejected or abandoned are probably all barking dog fears.

The witch is a complete fabrication. She never existed at all. For an
unknown reason, when we are insecure, scared or threatened in any way,
whether real or imagined, we justify our fear by inventing a greater threat
than the one at hand. I guess we feel humiliated, small, afraid, powerless
and weak for not being able to conquer our fear or problem, so we
somehow excuse, justify or forgive ourselves, by inventing a greater threat.
The problem with the witch is that we convince ourselves and others, that
she exists. We actively involve ourselves in focusing all of our energies in
dealing with her, just burning ourselves out and sabotaging our lives.

Symbolically, jealousy can be a witch. Imagining that your partner is
cheating on you when there is absolutely no reason other than your own
insecurity is how a relationship can be destroyed by a witch. Hearing a
noise outside your window at night can also be a witch, as you freeze with
fear and convince yourself that it is a psycho-rapist. Some people convince
themselves that entire races of people, people they have never even met,
are all criminals or terrorists – that’s a lot of witches!

The secret to controlling fear is to expose it for what it is. Often, we accuse
other people or the events themselves for our fears or we convert fear into
other emotions like self-righteousness, anger, insecurity, greed or any
number of deceptive responses.

If you are feeling despondent, indifferent, isolated, fatigued, depressed, or
any emotion that is dark, you need to name it and then claim it. You will be
amazed at how many emotions mask fear, but once you can see it, you can
begin to challenge or dismantle it.

The reasons I have brought in the chattering monkey, the barking dog and
the witch are to save you from hours of verbal ping-pong. Long, drawn out
analytical dialogue will drive you crazy, it can be self-indulgent and most
probably unproductive. Imagined fears and exaggerated fears need to be
stopped and dismissed as soon as they are exposed. The sub-conscious
mind grabs an image and all of the interpretation that that image
represents. When you catch a fear you name it. You then ask yourself, is
this fear real or is it a monkey, dog or a witch? By creating a habit of
applying these images to fears, the mind will soon learn to challenge and
stop the interplay or the indulgence.

White Light

White light is the mind’s symbol of all things great and creative. Light is the
source of life. It creates life and maintains life. White light is a symbolic
interpretation of God and love. It represents purity and healing. It is viewed
as the highest and finest vibration or frequency. Imagining white light within
us, radiating out from us, and being connected to us, will instruct the mind
to align us with love, life, healing and creation. By being still and visualizing
white light, we are able to activate our own emotions to generate love and
lightness. This again gets back to what we think and feel, will attract us to
what is compatible or similar.

The same is true for fear. Consciously or unconsciously indulging in fearful
thoughts and emotions will also align us with similar energies. Repetitious
fear creates a negative belief system and attracts that type of behaviour
and compatible energies.

It could be so simple to master this game of life. So easy, to view life as a
wonderful adventure; filled with extraordinary beauty and possibilities.
There is so much good, infinite love, abundance and joy, if we choose to
connect into it. Love and happiness are not just random acts or accidents
which come along, sweep us up and then toss us out. Love and happiness
are self-generated and contagious. They align to everything within a similar
frequency and will expand and grow.

It is about making conscious decisions to create and maintain thoughts and
emotions which are creative in nature. And no, it’s not always easy, and no,
you won’t be able to control all things, all of the time. Consider this, If you
went back over your life and took an inventory of every worry and fear that
you have ever had, and tossed out every monkey, dog and witch, how
many fears would be left? If you dissected all of the real fears and noted
the outcomes, how many were as bad as you imagined at the time? If you
listed the really bad outcomes, the things which almost destroyed you and
or dramatically changed you, then you might also wonder what of these
events shaped the person that you are today. The big question here of
course, is that, if everything that went before made you who you are today,
then how many regrets will you carry?

You might find that a larger percentage of your life has been wasted on
imagined dangers. If this is so, then, imagine this: what if you had that time
back again? What would you be capable of creating, being, experiencing or
feeling if you used your useless worry and imagined fear energies in
creating and choosing thoughts, emotions and actions? What could your
life be?

It is obvious that we do choose our thoughts. Therefore we can change
them by will or we can allow them to rattle around in our heads
unsupervised and out of control. It is also obvious that our emotions are
reactions to those thoughts. How we react or respond is also a choice. We
may be anywhere between fear and love at any given time – the choice is

There is a little story about Buddha which goes like this:

Buddha was famous for being able to maintain his serenity. It was said that
he could not be provoked. One man, decided that this could not be true,
and so set out to prove that he could provoke him. Day after day, he
teased and taunted and tried to provoke Buddha to become angry or at
least annoyed.

When Buddha failed to respond, he finally said to Buddha, “How can it be
that you have not become angry or annoyed with me?”

Buddha replied, “If someone offered you a gift, and you chose to not accept
that gift, who would the gift belong to?”

“Well,” said the man, “the gift would remain the property of the giver”.

“Exactly!” said Buddha.

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Obsessive Fear and Worry

Fear and worry. The new pandemic; the ultimate weapon.
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