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Fear - The Ultimate Weapon
Fear has many faces, most of which are in disguise. Fear can be so
deceptive that we rarely recognize or define it. Therefore we fail to
challenge it when it sneaks up upon us in such an insidious way that it
can paralyse, erode, control and ultimately destroy us. Fear is the most
lethal weapon and the most toxic poison known to man. Fear is highly
contagious and self-destructive. Fear can be spread by word,
suggestion, imagery, innuendo or intimidation.

Fear is a chameleon, it will most often show up as something completely
different which makes it very difficult to recognize or unmask. Almost all
destructive behavioural and emotional responses can be tracked back to
fear when we peel away the layers of our feelings and actions. Fear is
the core issue behind violence, jealousy, bigotry, anger, depression,
greed, hatred, lies, insecurity and obsessive worry, just to name a few.

When fear is appropriate it can be a vital, effective life saving response,
critical to self-preservation. Staying alive and protecting ourselves from
harm is our most primal and instinctual priority. Appropriate fear will
prevent and protect us from danger. It will instantly ignite super-alertness
and super-human strength. This is commonly referred to as the fight or
flight response. Many of us have experienced this super state of reaction
if we have been involved in a potential car accident. In something like a
nanosecond, we are capable of processing an extraordinary amount of
information and physically manoeuvre the car to avoid the collision.

Appropriate fear is also an effective decision making factor. Many of our
choices are based on predicting pleasure or pain; that is, gaining
pleasure or avoiding pain. We all like to kid ourselves that we operate
from intellect and that we make decisions by using knowledge, logic and
experience. If we just scratch the surface a little we will almost always find
that our motivations are emotionally based. Pleasure is easy to
comprehend. We choose and maintain our careers, relationships,
homes, hobbies and possessions because they please us. Choices of
pleasure may encompass comfort, self-esteem, love, respect,
acceptance, approval, security, safety, entertainment and prosperity.

Decisions based on avoiding pain may include any or all of the above,
but from the flip side. Avoiding pain is extremely motivating. Many of our
decisions and reactions have a fear base. Fear of physical or emotional
harm, poverty, abandonment, violence, humiliation, loneliness,
disapproval, disease and ultimately – death.

It is important to discern what appropriate and inappropriate fear is.
Appropriate fear can and will protect us, and inappropriate fear can
destroy us. Most of the time we don’t recognize it at all, so, it’s impossible
to name it, let alone challenge it.

The human condition has a huge emotional range and is quite fluid in its
ability to change. We can be carried away or bounced around in a little
cesspool of negative influences one minute and then find ourselves lifted
up and flying high the next. Emotions can be quite unpredictable,
indefinable and often uncontrollable and yet they can dominate or
destroy us. Some people believe that hate is the basest of emotions and
love is the highest. Indifference is often considered to be the opposite of
love. It is my belief that both hate and indifference are by-products of
fear. The ultimate fear must be fear of death. Being inevitable, we really
should make peace with this and find it within ourselves to accept it. If we
place fear in the realm of death, then we must place love in the realm of

At any given time we are living anywhere between these polarities. We
might view life as rhythms, vibrations or frequencies between polarities.
We understand night and day, light and dark, coarse and fine, heavy and
light, negative and positive, hate and love, good and evil. When we
believe that all of life is energy, then we can view ourselves within the
frequencies of these polarities.

When fear is positioned at the darkest side of the polarity, we can include
all of fears other associates like hate, greed, jealousy, anger, violence
and poverty etc. The ‘dark side’ is also represented by death, decay,
destruction, war, evil and disease. Negative frequencies are coarse, slow
or stagnant, heavy, thick, lethargic, black and isolated. The dark side is
asleep, lifeless and barren. Likewise, love represents all that is light,
alive, creative, healing, joyful, energizing or fertile.

As energetic bodies, within an energetic realm, we synchronize with
similar energies. This is really huge, and may be hard to get your head
around, but it’s also very simple. Thoughts and emotions are energies,
which align themselves with compatible energies.

The greatest minds; poets, songwriters, sages, prophets and
philosophers as well as every other person who ever had a quality
thought, all said this:


Love is light, Love is God, Love is the creative force and Love is life
because it aligns us with all that light represents. To be healthy, happy,
creative, secure, energized, serene and loved requires staying in the
light. Staying in the light obviously also means staying out of fear.

To me, fear is my concept of Satan; an evil, destructive, paralysing force.
I believe that almost every atrocity ever carried out was initiated by fear.
What motivates violence, wars, murders, suicide, evil, anger, hatred or
prejudices? Peel away the layers again, and you will keep coming back to
the same core – fear.

Fear is imagination predicting the worst possible outcome

When the imagination is engaged in repetition and emotion, it becomes a
belief. Our beliefs determine our actions. As the old saying goes, what
you conceive and believe, you will achieve. For right or wrong, good or
bad, this is the creative force within us all.

We may feel sad and helpless when we look at the world and many of the
events taking place around us. We can become overwhelmed to the
point of depression. Some of us feel rage and want to fight while others
feel paralysed by the injustice, poverty, waste, pollution and destruction
in our world. There are social and environmental issues and greedy,
incompetent and spineless governments. Even when we bring ourselves
away from the world stage, and just focus on our own little realities, we
still find so much to analyse, consider, protect and fight for. Sure, we
worry about aging, our health, finances, families and jobs, the quality and
quantity of our food, pollution of our rivers and air, crime and the decline
of communities. We argue that an intelligent and responsible person
needs to be concerned about such things, and I agree. Apathy and
indifference or prancing around like Pollyanna, in her ‘happy place’, won’t
make the world a better place.

There are problems, big and important ones and they do need solutions.
Problems are solved by the intelligent application of ideas and actions,
not by obsessive worry, and not by imagined fears. Herein lies the crux of
the issue:

Worry and fear serve no purpose other than to sap creative intelligence
and attract destructive energies.

All problems have two possible solutions: Fix it or Accept it

1. Find a solution to change, improve or eliminate the problem.
2. Accept that, what is – is.

That is FFF - Find it, Fix it or Forget it.

The third and most popular application seems to be, “Worry about it until
it disappears”. This does not and will never work.

Worry, is fear’s little brother, the same genetic code if you like. Fear is
big and powerful and jumps around like a trampolinist in our solar plexus.
Worry is a silent and sneaky tenacious little character that you will hardly
notice until the damage is done. Worry is like rust. It eats away at you
from the inside and is not noticeable until you apply the slightest
pressure and find that everything collapses.

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